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New Clients

For new clients, please visit the pricing page and information about the work I do! If you need a quote on a service please book a 15-minute complimentary service used to get to know each other better and give me a chance to ask questions about and feel your hair. There is a New Client form below, please fill it out and submit it before booking. This also gives a better understanding of timing and can give you a direct price quote only at this time. I like to use visuals such as hair inspiration photos found on Pinterest or my own photos to better communicate hair service goals. I recommend when coming in for your complimentary consultation to come prepared with several hair inspiration photos based on what you'd like to achieve. Email consultations are also an option if in-salon consultation is not available, send picture inspiration, current hair, and information you have questions about. 

To book a complimentary consultation please schedule online.


Sheena is the owner at TruReflection Salon251 East 11th Street, Indianapolis IN 46202! 

TruReflection Salon is located downtown Indianapolis in the heart the St. Josephs neighborhood on the corner of 11th and Alabama in Indianapolis  IN. There is easy to find street parking in front and around the salon. Clients will be greeted with a cheerful, energetic space, inspiring co-workers and refreshments! 

 Sheena can also do an online consultation through email! Please subscribe and email below. Sheena will reply as soon as possible with further directions!

For more information on pricing please click 'here'!

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