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  • Custom Cut                    $65

The price includes blowdry & light styling! 



  • Blowout style           $35 - $45 

  • Signature Iron Work    $30 - $40

SIGNATURE HAIR.PAINTING​ (based on hair length and thickness)

  • Balayage                               Starting at $180

  • Face Framing Balayage     Starting at $190

  • Face Frame                          Starting at $ 55

  • Teaselights                            Starting at $120

  • Foiliyage                               Starting at $195

All Balayage services include a proper consultation, customizable gloss, bond protector & signature blow-dry. 


COLOR (based on hair length and thickness) 
  • Color Melting                   Starting at $100

  • Root Touchup                   Starting at $70

  • All Over Color                  Starting at $95

  • Gloss/Tone                        Starting at $55

  • Corrective Color $100 per hour (In salon consultation and deposit required) 

Example: brunette to blonde, blonde to brunette, brunette to copper, fashion colors,

dark blonde to platinum blonde


  • Full Blonding                       Starting at $188 
  • Partial Blonding                   Starting at $164 

  • Transformation Blonding    Starting at $240

Interested in Extensions? Click here to learn more 

To book Sheena please click on "New Clients or Existing Clients" under the Book Appointment Tab! 

*Prices are subject to change without notice and are listed based on short hair *

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