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Hairstylist Branding photoshoot *Choosing a Location

Choosing a beautiful location is an important and impactful part of any brand photoshoot. It’s one of the elements of the creative direction that really aids in telling your brand story and communicates your style, values, and personality to your audience.

Location scouting is so much fun, think of it as a way to explore the area you live in. Let me show you some of the places I have found in my area and advice once you have found just the right location.

Remember: Pick a location based on your ideal clientele. Where would they hang out?

1. Gardens/ Parks/ Fields

One of my favorite options because I adore all things plants. This is at a store location where you can buy an assortment of plants, home goods, and anything outdoors; Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home. Getting permission is key to locations like this one but most gardens and parks are usually free or have a small entrance fee, perfect if you want to keep the budget down.

One challenge is navigating around people and finding good lighting, which can be tricky when it’s the middle of the day and quite sunny.

Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home


I love using cafes, the hidden gems that most people don't always know about. This is a great option and beneficial for both parties always make sure to TAG them in your post! While you are in their space use the props around you with their logo and brand. You may want to send them a couple of photos and a thank you email for allowing you to use their space.

3. Local Small Districts

We have several outdoor districts here in the midwest that offers a ton of cute shops, wall murals, and outdoor spaces. Some of the best locations are the ones you can just walk around and find unique spots or stop into the cutest stores. This is such a fun time for you to relax and open up to the camera. It can be difficult in front of a camera so this type of location really helps. It’s best to plan a photoshoot at a wall mural or outdoor area during the middle of the day on a weekday as these tend to be popular spots on weekends and you don’t want other people in your photos.

4. Photography Studio

It might seem simple to just pick a photography studio but in the studio, you can create white space within your photos. There are plenty of positive reasons why a studio space is great for branding photoshoots. One is no need to worry about the weather or people in the background. It's easy to change into different outfits. Plus you can create the best setting for the type of shoot you are going for.

5. Salon Space

I would recommend starting at your salon space if that is an option for you. The best part about having a salon photoshoot is that those professional salon photos can be used for marketing purposes as well. You can use these photos on your social media, website, advertisements, etc. When a customer looks for a stylist online, he/she checks out how the place looks from inside. If the pictures are good as well as creative, the chances of you getting that dream client increase exponentially. Showcase who you are behind the chair and what kind of environment they are walking into.

Hope these have inspired you to take the next step on scheduling your own branding photoshoot. If you are wanting more inspiration on ideas content to photograph Check out Branding Photoshoot* Future Marketing Post Ideas


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