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Extension Aftercare

Now that you have the hair of your dreams! Let's keep our hair strong and scalp healthy.

After install / What to expect

It is normal for extensions to feel tight for the first few days after installation. This will soon go away, and become more comfortable with wear.

For first time extension-wearers, it’s important to give the scalp a chance to accept that theres now a foreign object attached. However, we install your luxury hand-tied extension our first priority is your scalp health. This will be closely monitored throughout your experience. Tension is normal to experience but always reach out if there is a concern.

Main Focus

The three most important things that will affect the life of your extensions are

1. Products 2. Brushing 3.Heat

1. Products. Apply recommended leave-in conditioner + oil throughout mids+ends on damp OR dry hair morning and night. This will be key to keeping your extensions looking healthy and soft. “repairing” products containing protein are not recommended for extension hair. Use only products recommended for best results (shampoo, conditioner, oil, detangler, heat protectant) See below for trusted lines.

2. Brushing. When blow drying don't excessively tug or pull on the extensions, try to get them 85-90% dry before smoothing with a brush. On dry hair, separate rows and hold base of extensions while brushing thoroughly working your way up from ends to base. WET Brush is recommended. After brushing be sure to apply a serum to keep hair hydrated.

3. Heat Styling. A heat protectant is HIGHLY recommended to keep your hair as well as the extensions healthy. If you are using hot tools and blow drying hair from damp to dry often, not only will it take an extensive amount of time, your extensions will likely dry out. It is highly recommended to let air dry to at least 50% before blow drying to maximize the life and health of the extensions.


Washing can be intimidating at first, but have no fear as they will not go anywhere. It will start to feel normal as you get used to them!

1st shampoo: focus on natural hair around the part line and hairline

2nd shampoo: use two fingers to focus in between the extension rows gently Conditioner: saturate throughout mids/ends as needed RINSE THOROUGHLY between rows. IF YOU HAVE WELL or CITY WATER be mindful of the discoloration that may build up on both your natural and extension hair. I highly recommend purchasing a shower head filter from amazon that is extremely easy to install and affordable to help with this.


Extensions do not get the oils from our scalp like our natural hair does, be sure you are applying the oil/serum I've recommended to you at least 1-2 times per day... usually after styling(so the oil/serum doesn't heat up) and then at night time during your braiding so it soaks up into the hair while you get your beauty sleep. P.S. a pea size amount will do :)

Use a medium heat but make sure to apply the oil only AFTER style is complete. Also, try a heat free styling option like Heatless Curling Rod Headband No Heat Silk Ribbon Curling Rod

High Pony + Topknots: how to wear? When wearing a ponytail or topknot, be sure to wear it very high or low. Give the extensions a chance to “flip” over by physically flipping your head over to pull it up. If this step is neglected, This may cause damage inevitably. This also may create the appearance of “flaps” or “wings” if ponytail is closer to the center of the head, causing maximum tension near the front of the extensions. Also be sure to use a scrunchy, invisibobble, or something non-abrasive to avoid breakage on both natural hair and extension hair if wearing this style often

Swimming or Beach Wear

Wear your hair in a secured pony/braid while swimming or doing any windy activity. Make sure to saturate hair with conditioner and/or conditioning mask before swimming underwater in the pool or ocean. Never sleep on wet hair — this will cause matting and tangling.

Recommended Products B3 Extension Repair Shampoo

B3 Extension Repair Conditioner

B3 Ionic Extension Refresh Kevin Murphy Heat Defense Kevin Murphy Untangled Kevin Murphy Young Again

Maintenance Visits

It is recommended to come in for a move-up every 6-8wks. Please be sure to book in advance in order to reserve your appointment within this time frame.


  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair. It is recommended to blow dry the base of the extensions if this is a must to avoid any matting.

  • Don’t pull, scratch, or disturb the base of the extensions in any way to avoid damage.

  • Don’t put your hair in a bun or pony that will cause too much tension or pulling at the front of your extensions. It has to be either really high on top of your head or really low.

  • Don’t use HIGH heat with hot tools including blow dryers and irons. Don’t go above 300, make sure blow dryer filter is always clean and used on medium heat

  • Don’t use products containing sulphates, parabens, or high amounts of protein.

  • Don’t forget to be mindful about dry shampoo. An Excessive amount will likely dry them out.

  • Don’t remove extensions at home. This is imperative to preserve the health of your natural hair.

  • BLONDES ONLY: Don’t overuse purple shampoo. The extensions will take in the violet pigment much quicker than your natural hair. They will turn violet. Don’t touch blonde hair with SPF ; they will turn peach/mauve in color. tip: tie hair up and out of the way and be mindful of where the sunscreen is going and wash your hands after, OR use mineral sunscreen by ‘Bare Republic’. We have found that this product will not discolor the extension hair.

Written by Revised by Sheena VanHook


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