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6 Ways To Prepare for a Hairstylist Branding Photoshoot

Have you noticed when you post a photo of yourself on your feed that you will receive all kinds of interaction? As a Hairdresser, we work behind the chair creating this stunning customized color that may have taken hours of our time and we are over the moon proud of the outcome. BUT when we post that hair photo online it falls flat compared to when we post a photo of ourselves holding a coffee. (Not sure if that's true with your platform, check your Instagram insights). What clients are looking for today is authenticity, the person behind the chair creating all that amazing work. Yes, you still need to post your gorgeous hair photos. The time of just posting a page full of good hair isn't cutting it anymore today.

A branding photoshoot will help create filler content, showcase personality, plus bring in your dream clientele.

Over the past couple of years, I have scheduled branding photoshoots every 3 months. Each shoot has a different purpose but the planning process is always the same. I want to share with you where you should start before booking your first shoot & how I prepare for a branding photoshoot.

#1 The goal of your branding photoshoot

Without having a clear intent, you can’t be sure that your photos will achieve the desired result.

  • Are you rebranding?

  • Are you launching a new product or service offering?

  • Or are you trying to attract clients that will have a true connection with you?

If you need some inspiration on content ideas for your photos and what topics you could use each photo for check out Branding photoshoot*future marketing post ideas.

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.” – Wayne Dyer

Creating photos for your online brand is more than just a photo shoot.

It’s setting you online business up for success.

Once you know the WHY, you can start mapping out the details that will visually bring your intentions to life.

planning post ahead of time so you can plan to post the shoot

#2 Finding the right photographer

This one happens to be a topic I can provide a wide range of insight into. I have a degree in photography and owned a photography studio for several years while building my chair.

I have gone through several photographers with different styles as I was trying to find that perfect match. Each photographer I used was fantastic; uniqueness and stylish. I moved my branding from warm and moody to the complete extreme of Light and air just trying to find my own personal branding. Eventually found my style that fits well with my personality and started speaking volumes to my ideal clients.

What to look at when finding a photographer:

Editing style Does their work match your branding? Will it flow well on your page? If your page is light and airy don't find a photographer that does low contrasty photos. I know their editing style might look great on their page but how will it work on yours? Something to consider; you don't want to pay a professional photographer to follow you around all the time, so pick an editing style that you can come close to on your own.

Communication Is your photographer understanding your vision? Find one that is willing to take the time to make the best out of your time with them.

Experience with branding photography NOT all photographers are created equal, just like hairstylists. Look for a photographer that is experienced in branding photography. The best way to do that would be to do your research and maybe ask around for a recommendation.

@mariamckenziephoto @breyshirley @justjessphotography

#3 Where to take your photoshoot

You need to pick locations where you know your dream clientele might be hanging out. If your dream client only drinks IPA, don’t take branding photos at a coffee shop just cause everyone else is doing it. Now if you're like me and love to find those hidden coffee shop gems and you know that ideal client is out there doing the same find a CUTE COFFEE SHOP.

Your photographer may be able to give you some suggestions BUT I recommended already having a location in mind, only you know what that dream clientele looks like.

Below is a couple of location Ideals. Local coffee shop, Gardening plant shop, and Record Store

#4 Plan Out Your Outfits

What you wear onset will make or break your personal brand photoshoot.

Your outfits will communicate to your audience who you are, what you stand for, and your brand’s message.

Go into your closet and pull every item that matches or compliments your brand colors.

Next, think about accessories that can help you further your message.

For example, You chose to pick a field with wildflowers in the summer consider looking into a more relaxed look with a dress. Don’t wear a blazer just because you think it will make you look professional.

Choose items that make you feel comfortable, confident and scream YOU.

This way, you’ll attract people who like you for your own unique vibe.

For most of my photoshoots, the photographer and I decide on 2 looks, locations that are walkable or have a great vibe. Each wardrobe change added up to 25 minutes with totaling out to one hour per session.

#5 Put Together a Detailed Prop List

A shot list is the BEST way to make sure your personal brand photoshoot meets your expectations and you have the props you need with you at the time of your photoshoot.

Here’s an example of some props I have brought to my branding shoots:

  • Notebook/planner and pen

  • phone, laptop, camera

  • New Launch: Styling products

  • Hat or other accessories

  • Use items from the location


Makeup and hair choices are also props and need to fit in with your brand’s style.

If your brand is super feminine, opt for flowy hair, neutral eyes, and a soft pink lip.

Or if your brand is edgy, don’t be scared to whip out a leather jacket, a bold red lip, or adding some bright, colored highlights to your hair.

You are a hairstylist, your hair is your BILLBOARD, you are a walking advertisement.

That’s It! You’re Ready to Rock Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

Remember, the key to a successful shoot is to bring your personality to LIFE.

Don’t forget to have fun and make sure every last detail connects to your brand.

You want someone to look at an image and immediately associate it with you. That’s when you know you’ve created a winning brand style.


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