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Hairstylist Branding Photoshoot *Future Marketing Photo Ideas

Before heading into a photoshoot take the time to write down what your focus for the photoshoot may be. Listing out what topics you would like to write captions about; descriptions on "How To's", new products, or even advice on frequently asked questions. It's always best to have a goal in mind walking into a branding photoshoot. Share these goals with your photographer so they have an idea of what kind of shoot you are looking for.

I have listed out examples and Ideas for captions to help you get started on creating your own branding photoshoot.

1. Capture the Salon Aesthetics

One of the easiest ways to begin your salon photoshoot is by capturing the salon and its aesthetics. Find the corners and areas in your salon that look aesthetically appealing. Good shots of the interior never fail to appeal to your ideal clientele, salons are often judged based on looks. Apart from the fact that you are skilled, people often keep in mind how the place looks and what kind of vibe there is. Good quality photos can easily help them in determining what kind of salon you have and if they should visit it or not.

Captions ideas:

  • The parking situation at your location

  • Describe what the vibe is

  • The best process for being a new client

  • What amenities do you offer

  • How to book online

2. Product Shots

We represent a brand for the products we carry. Choosing a product brand for your space was important to you and it's important to your guest. These photos can give the potential client confidence you know what you're talking about. Your guest may see your knowledge and trust can start building before they even sit in your chair.

Captions ideas:

  • How a product works

  • Ingredients within the product and why it's important

  • New launch of a product to hype up the excitement

  • Why professional products are important

  • What products are your favorite

  • What clients have been raving about

  • Actions shots if using a product and how much to use

3. Shots in Action

For your branding photoshoot, you can capture yourself in action. Schedule a time for someone that is your ideal clientele or someone who is a client to come in for a free service. Plan ahead for the time you have scheduled with your photographer, color/highlighting can take up time to see the outcome. Ask your photographer ahead to check for hourly charges and how many photos are include in your cost. This can alter the service you perform for your action shots. If you would like to be budget-friendly consider a simple wash, blow-dry, and style. Action shots can also be used for your marketing needs as such pictures are often required for banner ads, and blogging.

Captions ideas:

  • The product you a using and how to use it or advice about that product

  • How to's/ procedures

  • Properly blow-dry the hair

  • How to brush hair without breakage

  • Keep clients engaged by asking if they have questions

  • How often should you get a haircut

  • Answer frequently asked questions

3. What makes you stand out

In my space, we pride ourselves on being a wine and dine atmosphere, not a fast-food chain. If that is how your space is show that. What does that look like? Capture what makes you different as a salon or even in your chair. This is what will make the difference in finding that dream clientele. Potential clients will get a sense of how you are before ever meeting you in person.

Captions ideas:

  • Should a client bring inspirational photos

  • How important is the shampoo

  • Do you like to ask permission to take photos

  • Do you require a consultation and what does that look like

  • Offer discounts for new clients

  • Offer services for new clients

4. Working on your business

If you decide to venture outside of your salon space to locations, Location Ideas, in your area come with a plan of what you are doing there. This is such a great idea to showcase the area you live in and how you are outside your professional life. This will help with connecting with your dream clients in such a big way.

Captions ideas:

  • Bring a pen and paper: setting goals and what they are

  • Sketch pad; Maybe you love to create

  • Bring your laptop; what are you working on? Show yourself creating a before and after to post

  • Grab your photo; what your posting about next, how clients can contact you, explain how much you work off your phone

  • Use the Items around in the location; mention them in your post and talk about it


If you want to know where to get started on booking a Hairstylist branding photoshoot check out 6 Ways To Prepare for a Hairstylist Branding Photoshoot .


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